Photography Institutes

I did shoot with Pentax 645z. I was pleased with the results. I felt you are offering excellent symbiosis-logooption of Lenses ranging from 28mm to 400mm with logical increments in focal length. It’s an excellent upgrade from a full frame DSLR so one can adapt very easily and get used to a medium format. ISO ranging 204800 looks very interesting. Results of 50 mega pixel with proper aspect ratio were up to our expectations from this camera. We felt its value for money.

Vishal Bhende
Symbiosis School of Photography


The NEW PENTAX 645Z is truly a game changer for the medium format DSLRs. Fifth of the priceon-eschool-goa-logo of the nearest competitor, with ease of handling of a 35. Very, very attractive. Beautiful image quality – more ‘Film like’ than ‘Digital’ on the FA lenses, and yet extremely sharp. Recently, my students and I have shot fashion and still life with it, and they have understood the virtues of a larger format.

Shantanu Sheorey
The One School Goa